About Us

Our mission statement is to be a world-class provider of frozen deserts and enjoyable beverages.  We intend to introduce the American consumer to the premium, incredible taste of our organic coffees, gelato ice cream and authentic French crapes. To achieve this goal we are dedicated to the quality of our products and the care of our customers.  We work as a team, providing attention to detail but never losing sight of the needs and well-being of our clients and the environment we live in.


  • Is deeply rooted in Italian culinary history
  • Is made fresh daily in micro-batches
  • Is made with natural ingredients
  • Has a much lower fat content (0% to 10%)
  • Is not as firmly frozen and has silkier texture
  • Contains less air and is more intensely flavored
  • Is visually stunning
    Crêpe (pronounced IPA /kreɪp/, French /kʀɛp/) is a type of very thin cooked pancake usually made from wheat flour. The word, like the pancake itself, is of French origin, deriving from the Latin crispa, meaning "curled".

Organic Coffee

Organic coffee is coffee that is grown on the land without synthetic pesticides or other prohibited substances for three years.  For coffee to be classified as organic, there must be a sufficient buffer between the coffee and the nearest conventional crop.  The farmer must have a sustainable crop rotation plan to prevent erosion, the depletion of soil nutrients, and control for pests.

Due to the growing consensus that small does of pesticides and other chemicals can adversely affect people's health; the use of Organic Coffee can effectively reduces th etoxic effects of pesticides used for the growth of non-organic coffee.